We help to boost your growth. We partner and support entrepreneurs who want to change traditional operating and business models for better results.

X is for multiply; I is for invest, and T is for technology.

We are your partners, not just your investors.

Our key is that we don't just invest; we do much more. Platform XIT is an investment multiplier that offers consulting services in various areas so that you get excellent training.

We provide all the information you need to build and grow your business, from Sprint Zero to beyond the IPO.
Why choose XIT?    
We help companies become the best in their field to stand out from the competition.
Start-ups around the world are looking for a place to call home. Now they have XIT created to provide the best care and meet their needs.
We provide the model support, the technology and marketing support, the search for the right partners and the smart money. So you won't have to worry about a thing!

We are interested in helping any start-up to grow.

Especially in the areas of Technology, Fintech, RegTech, WealthTech, InsureTech, PeopleTech, AdTech, MarTech, SecTech (Cyber Security), Food Tech, Travel Tech, Health Tech, CommerceTech and Analytics/AI to be your enabler, your friend in building your castles.

You are not alone in the process of shaping your company. We are there on good days or bad days, or rainy days, to multiply your options and generate incredible results for you.

Join our XIT team. We are your unconditional ally!


XIT Circle

We support world-class entrepreneurs in developing their businesses before others know their success.